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Happy 2020! This year has started off unexpected, with a cold that knocked me out for a few days and then my first ever car accident! I'm confident that means we can only go up from here, so I'm excited to see what the rest of the year brings. I thought I'd compile my favorite products from 2019 and hopefully you will find something(s) in here that will make your life better in 2020!

1. Rodan and Fields Pore Cleansing MD System: This is the closest thing to a professional spa treatment at home! It sucks all of the buildup out of your pores leaving behind fresh, clear skin. I was honestly hesitant to try it, but it only took one use to see why I NEEDED it. The first use is a little disturbing, to see what comes out of your face, but so so satisfying at the same time! Tip: use it on your husband! They rarely have a good skincare routine down so they need this even more than we do! To purchase - contact Ashley Dessano here.

2. Orange Theory Fitness: Yes, I realize it's not a product, but it's something new in my life this year and I am SO excited to finally have a fitness routine I look forward to. Brandon has been going to OTF since before our wedding last year, and I always said someday I'd take a class with him. Back in November, I went to my first class and signed up that day! I've been hooked ever since; everyone is so incredibly kind, encouraging, and helpful and it has made this transition into being active again much smoother. The excuse to buy cute workout clothes doesn't hurt either!

3. Monat Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo: There are only two dry shampoos that have EVER worked for my hair. And I've tried a lot. This one became the winner because it's all natural, does not clog my hair follicles/prevent healthy hair growth, and helps me go 3-5 days without washing my hair. With Monat, I really don't need dry shampoo until about day 3, so for those last couple days before I wash again, this product is a life saver. This + the styler in item #16 are the only way I can go from the gym to work and still look presentable.

4. Buffalo Hoodie: From Costco. Yes, I said Costco! I always find something in the clothes section while I'm supposed to be shopping for groceries. (Sorry, husband!). This sweatshirt is what sweatshirt dreams are made of. It's sooo cozy, soft, and has the perfect amount of drape (it's nice and heavy without being bulky). I currently have it in an oatmeal color (they only have pink and black online) but I may have to get one in every color. Just checked today; it's on sale for $9.99!

5. Younique Moonstruck Eyeshadow Palettes: Earlier this year, I went through all my makeup and threw most of it out. I was so tired of having palettes with 20 colors when I clearly only used three of them. It takes up extra space to have huge palettes and I like to be able to do my makeup on the go, so it needs to be portable. Enter - these handy little customizable palettes. There are over 50 color options and you get to select any four that you'd like for $52. They are magnetic so when you run out of a color, you can just pop it out and replace with the same color! Magic! To order - contact Lauren Stokley here.

6. Monat Berry Refined Scrub: Skincare question - how often do you exfoliate? If the answer is not at least 1-2x per week (depending on your skin type), lets chat! Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin cells from your skin so that you can have a clearer, more radiant looking complexion. I have been using this scrub about 2-3x per week since September and when I went to get an exfoliating facial last month, she said there was basically nothing to exfoliate! That's when you know your at-home skincare regime is killing it.

7. Aerie by American Eagle Leggings: Speaking of cute activewear, I want it ALL now that I have a reason to wear it. Obviously I'd love to have my closet decked out in Lululemon, but that's not exactly in the budget...YET! I did just discover Aerie's leggings and they are great for working out in, are not see through at all, and feel like they will hold up for a long time. They classify them by the type of material used; these are my favorites so far: Feel Empowered, Feel Free, and Feel Cool. I got all of mine for around 50% off, so make sure to shop them when they're on sale!

8. Monat BLACK: OMG probably my favorite discovery of 2020!! I could go on and on about this shampoo. I'll keep it short - it has balanced my naturally oily hair/scalp out to the point where I can wash my hair 2x per week. It makes my hair voluminous and shiny. And it gets my hair squeaky clean. I'm obsessed. You need it, your husband needs it, everyone needs it.

9. Ready to Rulu Lululemon Joggers: I officially hit the husband jackpot. He bought me these for our anniversary (gave them to me early because he couldn't wait lol) and I basically only take them off long enough to wash them and put them back on. These are a Lulu purchase I think alllll you ladies deserve in 2020.

10. Monat Revitalizing Essence: The best thing I never knew my skin needed. You know that tight/dry skin feeling after you wash your face? This little miracle water goes on right at that moment, hydrating your skin and prepping it to absorb your serums and moisturizers to their fullest potential. And it smells fabulous.

11. Junior Gentle Detangler: Part of the Monat kids line, but I think everyone should own this product! One of the things about Monat is that it does not coat your hair in waxes and silicones like many other products do. Waxes and silicones give your hair "slip" aka that nice feeling where you can run your fingers through it (but it's a false sense of healthiness, because who wants wax on their hair?!). Because your hair will be so clean with Monat, products such as this one help to easily brush your wet hair without causing breakage.

12. Reverse Lightening Treatment: Another R+F win! What I love about Rodan and Fields is that the products WORK. They target your problem areas and show results quickly, while improving even more over time. I started using this cream in August for melasma on my face and it has helped so much! I use it once nightly before I put my moisturizer on. Again, contact Ashley Dessano here.

13. Real Techniques Blending Sponges: I didn't know how to use a beauty blender to put on my make-up until about three months ago. Life. Changed. I don't know that I'm into spending $20 for a small pink sponge, but I'm loving this set and you get four for $17.99 so that's a win in my book!

14. Monat Studio One Blowout Cream: Another thing to bring back the "slip" to your hair. It also has a mild heat protectant, reduces blow dry time, and, won't weigh your hair down! I think this is one of our most versatile styling products and recommend it to almost all of my clients.

15. OPI Funny Bunny Dip Powder Manicures: The only color I have found that I LOVE and don't get tired of. It's the perfect white, but not too white, with a tiny bit of pink mixed in. It always looks fresh and clean and matches everything. Also - a tip for hairstylists or others who work with their hands - dip powder manis don't stain! I can do anything with hair color and even the white stays clean!

16. Hot Tools Charcoal Infused 2-in-1 Styler: This has replaced my $400 Dyson hair dryer. I'm embarrassed to say that, but that explains how much I love it! It saves me so much time and makes styling my hair super easy. It adds volume, smoothes out baby hairs, and gives the perfect salon-like blowout every time! Currently on sale for $64.99 at Ulta.

17. Kai Fragrance: I found this fragrance at Cupcake Couture in Sherwood and I HAD to have it. It seems to have a cult following in the celeb world and I completely understand why. They make candles, oil diffusers, body lotion, etc, and I want it ALL. But the price point is a bit crazy so I will slowly build my collection :)

18. Monat Rejuvanique Oil: The oil that does everything and does it well. Attached here is a document with over 101 ways to use the oil. It's our "Holy Grail" product, and is infused into many of our other shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Some of my favorite ways to use it:

  • Scalp/Hair Treatment - I massage the oil into my scalp at night and wash it out in the morning. This is great for balancing out oil production, encouraging healthy hair growth, and keeping your scalp healthy!

  • Night time face treatment - whenever my skin is dry, I mix a little bit of oil in with my moisturizer and leave it on while I sleep. I wake up with super hydrated glowing skin!

  • Bug bites - sounds odd, but if you put this on a bug bite, the redness and inflammation will go down in minutes!

19. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Powder: This powder is ACTUALLY MAGIC. As in, you can put it over any liquid foundation (I use a cheap one - Maybeline Pro Glow) and it transforms it into the perfect flawless coverage. It also lasts ONE WHOLE YEAR. I typically don't spend too much on my makeup, but when I only have to purchase once a year, I'm happy to spend the extra!

20. Lululemon All Night Festival Bag: I have no idea why this thing is called a festival bag. It's actually the last thing I would take to a festival, if I was into going to them. But its the perfect athleisure version of a crossbody, and when you spend so much time in leggings and tennis shoes, a fancy handbag doesn't really look the part. I love it for weekend errands or trips to the gym. It's got two zipper pockets for important things, and its nylon so you can just wipe it clean with a wet washcloth. Also, I just saw its on sale for $46.80!

Comment below if you plan on trying any of these this year! I promise they won't disappoint!

xoxo Ashley

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